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I woke up this morning to a text from my boss at the adult novelties store. She asked if I could bring her a cigarette because a guy came in that left her shaking. When I got there with the boxes of smoke-able band-aides she went into a recap that didn’t really surprise me as much as it made me furious.

A man came in dressed in a suit. Like she does with everyone, she greeted him with cheerful energy and let him settle into the store before asking if he needed help. The man wandered around the shop for a bit before finally walking up to her as she was fixing some lower pegs on the wall. When she stood up to address him he got directly in her face and presented her with a business card. Skimming the card she thanked him and realized he was a preacher. Just as soon as she got the thanks from her mouth this man started barking questions at her: 

"Why would you work at a place like this?" 

"I mean look at you, you’re disgusting."

"Do you even have religion in your life?"

"Why would you want to work with all this filth, is it for the money?"

"Do you even do anything else besides this garbage?"

"I can’t imagine how horrible your childhood must have been for this filth to be ok for you."

"I hope you find Jesus."

My boss is a beautiful person and didn’t deserve this at all. Even with all these hateful jabs she handled it like a professional woman. What I can’t fathom is, somewhere in this mans morning routine he decided to go into a place of business, judge someone he didn’t know, and make her cry. Clearly that is the way to bring people towards religion. Clearly being a complete ass-hole is the way to show someone religion is positive and worth thinking about. 

The best part:

As a preacher, hes instilling this kind of hate in people that trust him to teach a deeper understanding of love. That is what is truly disgusting.

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